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Better Customer Service with the ClerkWire chat widget.

With the ClerkWire Live-Chat-Widget software, customers can contact you on your website easily.
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Free for retailers

If you have your shop listed on, you get our live-chat software for free!

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Custom Styles

The code is on your server! That way you can override styles easily, even if it comes with reasonable defaults.

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No Limits

You can have unlimited concurrent chats open.

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The chat only needs 15kb when loading your page.

Chat Log

Your chats are archived for later review.

Leave a note

If you are not online, you can leave a link to your standard contact page.



Register to add your shops and to use our chat widget for free.


Add shops

As soon as you have added a shop you get search requests and you can use the chat software.


Add code

With your personal dashboard, you can customize your widget and export the code snippet, that you simply add to your website. Done!